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Magical transparent wooden window

The glass windows are everywhere in life, but have you ever seen transparent wood windows? Now scientists have designed a transparent wooden window that can evenly pass through natural light without changing the angle of light in the house. This way your kitten will not sleep anywhere in the sun. Do you feel excited about a house with such windows?

The research team built a small model house, placed the transparent wood window on the ceiling, and began testing its performance. The results show that light can be more evenly distributed in the room where the wood window is installed than in the direction where the glass window is installed.

The channel inside the wood can "direct" visible light through the material, but the cell structure inside the wood still bounces back some of the light, the so-called haze. This means that light will not shine straight into your eyes, so that you will feel more comfortable when you look at things. The researchers photographed the cellular structure of transparent wood in the Advanced Imaging Microscopy Laboratory at the University of Maryland.

The cellular structure inside the transparent wood is the same as that of the original wood. The wood is cut into granules, and the channels that transport moisture and nutrients from the roots of the plants lead in all directions. This can also reduce the size of the windows, but it does not affect the light transmission effect. This new transparent wood window uses these natural channels to direct natural light through the wood.

When the sun shines on a house with glass windows, the angle of light through the glass window changes as the sun moves. If it is a wood window, when the sun changes its position in the sky, the passage inside the wood will still allow the light to penetrate the house at the same angle.
In a new study, engineers at the James Clarke School of Engineering at the University of Maryland found that windows made of wood can pass more natural light than glass windows, and they use more energy for light. The research team led by Liangbing Hu of the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland and the Energy Research Center published their research results in a peer review on Advanced Energy Materials, pointing out that their transparent wood provides better insulation , as much as possible to let light through the window, while eliminating stray light, providing uniform, uniform indoor light.
Using this transparent wood is just like using natural wood, the researchers said. However, the difference is that this transparent wood is added with a high molecular compound and also has a waterproof function. The cell structure inside it effectively prevents fragmentation, so the wood window overcomes the fragility of the glass.

Now, the research team applied for patent protection for their transparent wood crafting process. The first step is to bleach the lignin in the wood. It is a component that makes the wood brown and thick. After bleaching, the wood is soaked in epoxy resin to increase the toughness while also making the wood clear and transparent.

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