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Production Line
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Production Line

The largest plantation shutter factory in northern China


Huasheng Industry registered name Heze Huasheng Wooen Co.,Ltd, Shandong Province, China. Since 2009, Heze Huasheng has vigorously developed the customized plantation  Shutter. So far, Heze Huasheng has become the largest,plantation shutter factory in China. Heze Huasheng can produce shutter in any material you need, such as paulownia, Basswood, Ashwood, PVC and Aluminium.


With over 20 years of hands-on experience in making interior shutters, we mastered the art of creating practical and authentically crafted interior shutters using long-lasting quality materials. We start from raw materials to control the quality. Only when the quality of raw materials is guaranteed, our customers will not receive quality problems. Whether you need wood material, PVC material or Aluminium material, we produce it in our own factory.



 Design And Manufacture


We have 6 special drawing people, and we also have a special customer service team, who have worked here for more than three years and are very experienced. Upon receipt of your order, our customer service team of 24h service will provide the details of the order to the drawing team, and we will try our best to provide you with the drawing of the order for your confirmation within 24h. To save time.




② Laying-off


The workers of the plantation shutter factory have been professionally trained and have mastered precise operating techniques and processing skills. Workers pay attention to detail and precision, through manual operation to complete the processing of window decoration products. Strict quality inspection is carried out during processing. They will check the size, flatness, surface treatment of each part, etc., to ensure that the quality of the window decoration products meet the standards and customer requirements.




③ Shutter Product Assembly


After training and experience accumulation, the workers of the plantation shutter factory have mastered the assembly skills of the plantation shutter products. They understand the components of a plantation shutter and know how to properly install and connect them to ensure the robustness and functionality of the final product. Workers pay attention to precision and detail during the assembly of the plantation shutter. They ensure the precise installation position and connection of each component to achieve the perfect fit and appearance of the product. The factory pays attention to quality control, and the workers carry out strict quality inspection during the assembly process.





④ Sanding Before Painting


Our factory's skilled workers use a variety of hand tools and abrasives to treat the surface of the plantation shutter. They remove burrs, blemishes and uneven parts from window frames and sashes, making their surfaces smoother, smoother and more consistent. When performing manual sanding, factory workers use appropriate safety equipment and tools to ensure their personal safety and product protection. They follow workflow and operational codes to ensure that no damage or quality problems are caused to the Windows during the sanding process.




⑤ Hand Spray Paint Room


After the product is polished, the unevenness and defects are removed, and the workers in the painting room are prepared to work, including painting equipment and personal protective equipment; Workers use a spray gun to evenly spray the prepared paint on the surface of the plantation shutter. After spraying, the Windows need to be dried and trimmed. The worker will place the painted window in the appropriate drying chamber or area to ensure that the paint is fully dried and cured. Once drying is complete, workers make the necessary finishes to repair any possible blemishes or uneven spraying.





⑥ QC Inspection


During the production of plantation shutter, we have dedicated workers to conduct quality checks to ensure that the products meet high quality standards. The QC records the inspection results of each breathable window product, including pass and fail cases. They generate quality inspection reports and return faulty products to the production line for repair or scrap to ensure that only products that meet quality requirements are sent to the next stage of production.




⑦ Packaging


Our factory pays great attention to detail and is able to provide perfect custom packaging services to meet the needs of customers who pay attention to detail and like custom packaging. Our packaging solutions include customized packaging designs, protective packaging materials, customized logos and stickers, detailed packaging details, and customized customer requirements.In order to protect the safety of the product, high-quality protective packaging materials such as foam pads, bubble film, corner codes and cartons are used during the packaging process. At the same time, we can add customized logos and stickers according to customer requirements to enhance the brand image and recognition of products.