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  • Release on2023-09-25 Huasheng aluminum alloy samples to help you new highlights in the exhibition hall
  • Release on2023-09-18 Why are more and more people interested in aluminum shutter?
  • Release on2023-08-14 Heze Huasheng Industry All-day Shift Service!
  • Release on2023-08-08 Gather your strength and keep moving forward —— Heze Huasheng Industry Overseas Marketing team review meeting in July
  • Release on2023-08-04 Heze Huasheng Industry successfully concluded in Shanghai International Intelligent Sun Shading & Energy-Efficient Building Exhibition (ISSE).
  • Release on2023-08-03 Heze Huasheng industry will participate in Turkey R+T exhibition on 9.16
  • Release on2023-08-02 Heze Huasheng: "Shanghai R+T Exhibition successfully concluded"
  • Release on2023-07-19 Heze Huasheng participated in Shanghai R+T exhibition for the 16th time.We sincerely invite you to attend.
  • Release on2023-07-14 Huasheng new design: Environmental protection bag
  • Release on2023-07-13 We will use special testing machines to improve the quality assurance of shutter and blinds products
  • Release on2023-07-10 The soul of ingenuity, Huasheng chairman invited CCTV interview
  • Release on2023-07-07 We shutter and blinds product loading processes
  • Release on2023-07-06 Start the journey of innovation and seek common development meetings of shutter and Blinds products
  • Release on2023-06-30 We Heze Huasheng monthly production management training
  • Release on2023-06-23 We Heze Huasheng will build a new office building and exhibition hall in three months, welcome to visit.
  • Release on2023-06-22 Traditional Festival, Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival Joy!
  • Release on2023-06-20 New Laboratory Equipment for Testing Pigment Solid Content - Elevating Quality Standards!
  • Release on2023-06-19 Learn with ChatGPT, staying on pace with the times
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