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Six kinds of log timber

Log timber is mainly divided into pine, oak, paulownia, chicken wing, oak and oak, different wood properties are not the same, so the performance of the wooden door is not the same. What kind of wooden door to choose, you need to understand the characteristics of these wood.

Pine wood is a common wood in logs. After processing, pine wood is mainly used for wood keel (including roof keel and floor keel) in the renovation project. It is used as a concrete form of coffin in civil engineering projects. It is also used for all kinds of solid wood doors. Processing. Due to its soft, loose wood, it is not as good as hardwoods for solid wood furniture, but due to its unique aromatic odor and natural scarring, it is becoming more and more popular among young people.

Xylosma racemosum is characterized by its hard texture, high specific gravity, high strength, dense structure, and moisture resistance and abrasion resistance. It is often used in the processing of flooring materials, household surface materials and veneer veneers.

Paulownia Paulownia wood structure is uniform, easy to process; moisture barrier is good, not easy to deformation; good acoustics, strong resonance; not easy to burn, good paint staining, can be used for construction, furniture, wood-based panels and musical instruments. However, people do not have ten minutes of love for Paulownia wood furniture.

Cassia siamca wood is a traditional hardwood wood. It has a straight texture, a coarse and uneven structure, a hard quality, high strength, large shrinkage, excellent bending properties, and corrosion resistance. It's too easy to machine, polishing is a little harder, and holes must be punched before nailing. In the construction industry, it is mainly used to create high-end furniture, slicing thin wood, interior decoration, manufacturing floor and joinery.

Elm is a favorite of Chinese people because of its natural texture. Alder wood is tough, texture accessibility is clear, hardness and strength are moderate, general openwork relief can adapt, smooth surface, beautiful pattern of the string surface. Suitable for producing simple and elegant Chinese style furniture, but also as a floor material.

Eucalyptus is a fast-growing material that is not tough, light, and easily broken. Eucalyptus has many uses in the production of cabinets and furniture, especially for the production of antique furniture. Eucalyptus pulp is also a raw material for papermaking.

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