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How to Clean Blinds the Best Way

Shutters are a kind of shade that can keep the room cool and keep the privacy of the room open. Because of this, the blinds are also very easy to dirty. In the past, you might be talking about washing the shutters together after they are unloaded. So I Xinj, but don't worry - no need to clean a lath at a time, nor to remove the entire curtain from the window. All you need is simple tools and a few minutes to improve your point of view. Learn how to clean blinds quickly and easily, and add this simple method to the routine clean to-do list.

Materials and Tools
Vacuum cleaner with soft brush attachment
Microfiber cloths
Microfiber duster (optional)
Dishwashing liquid
Warm water

How to clean vinyl, aluminum and wood blinds
1. ready blinds
Start from completely reducing the blinds. Wooden and artificial wood blinds can be completely closed, while ethylene and blinds often overlap slates should be tilted down, but can not be completely closed.
2. blind men
Hold the bottom of the blinds in one hand. Wipe the shutters with microfiber cloth and start down from the top. You can also use dust cleaners and vacuum cleaner accessories and low suction settings to remove dust.
3. repeat on the opposite side
Flip the shutter, let the other side face you, repeat the process with microfiber cloth or vacuum.
4. use wet towel to treat severely polluted blinds
If dust removal is not enough to clean blinds, microfiber cloth with warm water can be used. If you have wooden shutters, be careful not to wet them. If blinds are exposed to grease or stubborn dust or residues, a mixture of water and soap can be used.
5. vacuum excess dust
Open the blinds and let them dry. Remove residual dust that falls on a windowsill or floor.

Tips and techniques:
No superfine fabric at hand? Use the old (but clean!) Socks, preferably acrylic or polyester.

If your vinyl or aluminum venetian blinds are exposed to grease in the kitchen, you may need deep cleaning. Remove the shutters from the windows and put them in the bathtub with warm water and soap. Let the blind man soak for about an hour. Rise with warm water and wipe away excess dust or dirt. Before reinstalling, make the Venetian blinds completely dry.

If your fabric curtains need more than just dust removal or on-site cleaning, you can bring them to the dry cleaners for a thorough update.

It is important to start from the top of the blinds when cleaning, otherwise the dust will fall into the clean area.

Vertical shutters can be cleaned in the same way. Wipe the vertical blinds in the vertical direction, or may be removed.