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Smart windows and shading devices


If you think it is too cumbersome to change all the windows in your home, but you want to play a shade, Sonte may be the best for you. Similar to Sage Glass, Sonte is a smart film made of polymer-dispersed liquid crystals that cover the window. After the current is applied, the film can only flip the liquid crystal into a completely opaque state, so that the shade effect is achieved. Sonte can install applications on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for remote manipulation at any time. You can switch freely by pressing the button. The biggest advantage of Sonte is his ease of operation. The Sonte is just a screen that can be cut to any size or shape and can be shaded for any part of your home without having to manually adjust a single window.


If you like the tint of your current window, but at the same time like it can play a shade effect, you can choose Axis. Axis Gear is a fully automated feature to retrofit current curtains and windows. The user inserts the beaded chain or coil of their curtains or shutters, and the Axis is compatible with any bead chain or coil ring and is then inserted into the device and can be used after powering on. The Axis Gear's remote control is an Axis geared motor, which is mounted on the middle wall near the window. Users can automatically reduce and enhance the tone of windows through voice, applications in the mobile device or the device itself. At the same time, the device is equipped with Wi-Fi functionality and features "groups". The user can set up multiple connected Axis Gears with a single press. At the same time, Axis Gear can coordinate with other smart devices and can automatically run at a preset time. It also uses solar backup batteries to reduce the need for continuous charging.

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