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How to choose a window

Everyone will face the situation of buying a house for marriage. After buying a house, there are still many things to do. For example, if windows are renovated, the average family may not directly understand the windows, but may directly go to the decoration company. Every decoration company is not good at making windows. They are also mostly found by window processors who produce them and then change hands to consumers. Therefore, if you want to buy a satisfactory, cost-effective, high-quality window, you can still make your own snacks. Really go to the business to see some samples and then make a decision. Now I will teach you how to look at several ways, how to pick.

To go to the store to see samples, we first need to determine what materials we need and how to open the windows, such as whether I want to push and pull aluminum, aluminum or aluminum, if you do not understand these If you do, you can first decide whether to push or pull. Going to the store to see, of course, you can also find some local factory factories to look at the products, our purpose is to have a general understanding of the windows, in order to distinguish between good and bad.
How do you choose the window for your home?

First of all, we have to understand what the material of the windows in their store is made of. In general, the aluminum-plastic window is the cheapest, followed by aluminum alloy, broken bridge aluminum, aluminum-wood composite, the most expensive is aluminum-clad wood, sliding window Relatively flat window is cheaper, the average family will not choose too expensive.

We mainly talk about aluminum alloys and broken bridge aluminum. This is a relatively large number of household materials. We all know that the heavier the material, the better the quality will be and the more expensive it will be. So first we first ask the seller how thick this material is, and then ask how wide the material is. We can take a tape measure with us to determine if the business is lying.

Determined the material and open the way, we will start to see the work, we see work is mainly to see the material and material between the joint, because each corner of the window is assembled, we just touch the four corners is It is not flat and there are no glitches. Basically it can confirm the quality of work. 

After watching the work, we can look at some of the details, such as glass. Then, for example, the glass around the glass or the glue is not very smooth, there is no unevenness in the color of the aluminum surface, look at the sliding or flat Open the accessories, open hands and look at it, is not open smoothly.

After these readings, the basic skills of selecting windows (Wooden blinds slats supplier china)are available, and then you can look at a few of them and compare the prices. You can pick a satisfactory one from them.