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Elite design makes home life better

Web designers can make websites very beautiful. 

Fashion designers can design stylish and beautiful fashions; 

Mechanical designers can make a mechanical device reach the ideal state; 

Today, we are going to talk about home decoration design, that is, how we can create an ideal home from the design level. 

It is reported that in terms of home decoration design, an outstanding designer will not provide suggestions based on preconceptions, but must first understand the real estate and surrounding environment of the tenants, understand the floors and types of houses, understand the distribution of doors and windows, understand the light conditions, etc. . In addition, we must fully understand the residents' own preferences, such as a few bedrooms, whether the bedroom is allocated to live in children or the elderly, to understand the resident's aesthetic preferences and style tendencies, according to various factors to provide design guidance.

In the specific design process, designers will make full use of various psychology and other design theories and methods, through different colors to convey different home feelings; do a good job with doors and windows, flooring, wall paint and ceiling color matching and Coordination and unity. Another example is the kitchen, where the closet should be designed, where the ventilation ducts should be placed, and the distribution of natural gas pipelines, etc., taking into account various factors, in order to pursue the organic unity of home practical design and aesthetic design, so that residents not only live comfortably, but also Stay safe, convenient and worry-free.

Home decoration design has always been eclectic. There are no shortage of cutting-edge designer elites and no shortage of experienced design talents. The needs of the team of designers are often communicated and exchanged more frequently with domestic and foreign designers' teams, design associations, design agencies, etc. to constantly enrich their design skills and inspire their design inspiration so as to provide more surprises for customers from all walks of life. , heart design ideas.

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