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Sheer Window Style for Summer

The material of the gauze curtain is very thin, which allows light to pass, and also gives you a little privacy. The warm shades of wool / linen mixed material curtains are soft and easy to operate, and have excellent drapability. They are made with colorful palette, which are more beautiful than pure white. In the picture is the choice of pollen red and leaf green, hanging together has a rainbow general effect.

The curtains made of 100% pure silk chiffon, classic French folds, it can stop the light from entering, privacy protection effect is particularly good. The frame gauze is a set of pink pure silk lining and lined curtains, also French wrinkles, decorated with small carved ornaments from solid bronze curtain columns. There are four sets of curtains in this window, each of which is custom made and supplied and installed from the interior company Jonmar, which costs about 3635 euros.

Voile is usually used in a four - column hotel to create an airy atmosphere that is associated with the beaches of the Caribbean and the India ocean, but replicating in the suburbs is a tricky look. The picture shows Pampero, a new marble effect yarn from the pure collection of the Sirocco and the frontier. This is a very bold choice. It can run very well in red brick and village houses in the sublime period.

Contemporary windows usually require brighter astigmatism options like curtains. The new Soft Screen series from Luxaflex uses fabrics that allow light to enter while controlling glare, but still allows you to see clearly. The fabric uses 10 cool Nordic colors, including the tan tone in the picture, and the flame retardant polyester 100%. A standard size blind person, 120 centimeters by 120 centimeters, costs 106 euros through the TM shutter. Three blinds were used in the picture, with the maximum charge of 210 euros, and two smaller charges of 90 euros, and a total of 390 euros for the window. Shutters can be operated manually, or motorized, or even remotely controlled, if you are on vacation, if you download related applications, convenient.

For irregular glass windows, suitable shutters should be provided. But the Grand Design Blinds customization solution can solve your trouble. It includes a single blinds for each window on the wall of a A - shaped wall and a fine shading shutter for skylight. The picture is a shades that pull down from the floor rather than from the roof, so you can screen the morning lights completely. When you wake up and fantasized on the bed, it can go into the neighborhood of the nearby ch let without letting yourself be exposed.

The custom curtains are the choice of many modern people. The curtains can change the spatial pattern of the interior, reduce the hard lines and surface, and also reduce the noise outside the house. The linen cotton mixture in the picture, 140 cm wide fabric, opaque curtain, each price is 135 euro. According to Minima, heavier curtains will cost an additional 24300 euros and 900 euros for built-in rails. Cr e ationBaumann also sells an ingenious semitransparent sound insulation cloth that helps to dial the ambient sound in the open space.

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