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THe sunscreen of window——Blinds

Blinds and shutter

Let the sun be with the shade

Shutter shade and ventilation, beautiful and practical, can adjust the indoor light intensity, it can be said to be a sharp weapon for summer sun shading. The shutters have both decorative and practical effects. They are often regarded as a soft decoration in modern homes, especially for simple and lively interior space.

Shading and ventilating without delay

The blinds can adjust the indoor light by changing the angle of the blade. Collocation leaves can create different light effects for the interior. The flexible structure makes it keep the air in the room and keep the sun with the cool. Every morning, the blinds are turned upside down, avoiding the direct sunlight and the first rays of the morning sunlight coming into the room with the tilt angle of the blinds. The light is bright and soft. If the shutters are set in the library or the workroom, the leisure time is occasionally raised, and there is no charm to appreciate the scenery outside the window through the upturned blade crevice.

Nowadays, the application of many new materials makes the shape and style of louvers more diversified. In addition to traditional wood chips, bamboo chips and aluminum alloys, the modern soft curtain has become a new member of the shutters family. Soft curtain, also known as zebra curtain, uses polyester fiber fabric, which is environmentally friendly and harmless. Soft curtain can provide harmonious indoor lighting effect, make the strong sunlight soft and durable, and will not change color and deformation due to sunlight. In addition to inheriting the advantages of traditional Venetian blinds, the soft curtain of new material breaks the cold feeling of the past, and the style is more beautiful and beautiful.

Beautiful and practical

Select the blinds, first carefully observe the evenness and evenness of the blinds, see whether the gaps between the leaves are consistent, see if each blade is smooth, smooth, glossiness, and whether there is color and decolorization or obvious chromatic aberration. The uniformity of the blade at various angles can be observed by twisting the adjusting lever, and the convenience and smoothness of the adjusting rod can be checked.

Attention should also be paid to whether the color of louvers is in harmony with the home environment. The designer suggests that if the wall is milk yellow or white, it can be matched with ivory blinds. If the wall is light green, it can be matched with gray or green shutters. If the home tone is dark, it can match the brighter blinds with shades. The collocation of cold and warm tones can make the rooms elegant and unconventional. The patterns of the blinds are also great. The summer layout of the living room, you can choose a window with waterfall landscape pattern, make people like nature in the nature; decorate the bedroom, can choose with plant pattern of the shutters, highlight the harmonious warmth of the family atmosphere.

In addition to coordinating with home style, space and function should be taken into consideration when shopping. Select the shutters according to the space, generally speaking, the kitchen, the toilet and other space suitable for the use of dark shutters, and the living room, bedroom, study room, and other space more suitable for the use of clear curtains. At the same time, it should be selected according to function, if the shutters are used for floor window or partition, it is suggested to use foldable shutters; if used to decorate small windows that divide the room space, it is recommended to use open shutters; if they are used in the bathroom to shade the light, you can choose to push and pull the shutters.

Duster cleaning at regular intervals

Clean blinds are not troublesome. The biggest enemy of shutters is dust, so just dust the dust regularly. If deep cleaning is required, a certain amount of detergent and water should be placed in the cleaning tank to remove and immerse the shutters. Rinse and dry and dry thoroughly. Special attention should be paid to washing aluminum blinds with detergent that will not cause damage to aluminum and its coatings. In addition, the aluminum louver will fold when folded, and be careful when cleaning.

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