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Blinds make perfect windows

Now the shutters are being used more and more in the house design, which is becoming increasingly popular with users. The following experts will teach you how to use windows with the shutters. In general, we first have to note that the surface ratio from window to wall must be suitable. It mainly takes into account the thermal insulation function of windows, windows and indoor sun protection and ultimately ensures the airtight function of windows. The following application must be reached in detail:

1. improve the airtightness of the window. The wooden shutters have holes, outside cold air or hot air in indoor energy is a very high sealing function when the window does not meet the standard of such a request, must take appropriate measures, such as the seal, rubber mat made of sealing strip is arranged in the hole, airtightness progress window.

2. control window wall surface ratio. The thermal resistance of thermal resistance than the window wall is much smaller, heat transfer loss a single glass color of aluminum is 3 times of 24cm brick, the hollow heat loss of the glass window is larger than the wall, therefore, the window size has big influence over the construction of the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning. It is advisable to adjust the window and wall area ratio to about 30%.

3. Improve the thermal insulation function. The thermal insulation function of the progressive window can be divided into two parts: the progressive window frame and the thermal insulation function of the glass.
When wood and plastic are used as window frames, the local insulation function is better. When the steel or aluminum alloy is used as window frames, the heat loss will increase considerably. In order to improve the insulation capacity of metal window frames, the heat treatment of metal profiles must be carried out. We can use single windows to install insulating glass to increase the thermal resistance, and also to get a very thin layer of material on the glass to selectively penetrate and absorb radiation, and to use the thermal insulation function of windows. improve.

4 improve the isolation function of the window.
The insulation of the windows is to prevent the solar radiation from entering the room as much as possible. The thermal effect of the glass on the window is determined by the requirement of sun protection and the spectral characteristics of the solid wooden blinds.