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Cleaning and maintenance of blinds

A lot of family blinds are always hanging for a year. Just want to get up and dismantle the washing, but they do not know, such a person's health will have potential harm. Experts say, blinds hang for a long time, such as dust, mold and other allergens are easy to hide below. Especially families with allergic rhinitis and asthma patients should be more careful. Based on healthy thinking, the blindss should be cleaned at most three months at most. In spring and winter, since the window is often opened, it is best to wash every two months.

The blinds of different textures have different ways of washing, cleaning the ringht blinds in order to ensure the service life of the curtain.

Cotton and linen drapes can be cleaned indirectly in washing machines. Apart from washing powder, it is best to participate in a small amount of clothing softeners, so that curtains can be more flexible and smooth after washing, and fabrics that are easy to shrink should be dry cleaned as much as possible.The suction force strong suede curtains, usually available cleaner; and, the best first outdoor shake, shake off the dust attached to the surface, then add the detergent solution soak in warm water for about 15 minutes; avoid twisting force to prevent hair scattered, proposed with handle gently pressure washing after washing; on the inclined frame, drain water; not in indirect sunlight.

Blinds can usually be wiped with wet cotton cloth. Once a month, it will be cleaned with detergent all the time, with a little detergent to wipe it in one direction and leaf by turns. Because of the reason of material and spray paint, louver will fade easily, and we must not be exposed to it.

When cleaning the first shutter shut the window, spraying excess water, and then use cotton cloth; if the curtain is dirty, can use warm water dissolved a little detergent with cotton scrub in shade; can also spray some polishing agent, can make a long time shutter to light.

Finally, the blinds should not be dehydrated or dried as far as possible after cleaning. Instead, it should be dried naturally to prevent the destruction of its texture. The curtain with special material is best sent to dry cleaners to prevent deformation.