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5S plantation shutter inspection of production workshop

2023-03-08 16:38:18

5S Plantation Shutter Workshop management can not only improve the production environment, but also improve product quality, production efficiency and staff morale.


How to do 5S management in the production workshop?

1.SEIRI (Divide any item in the workplace into "want" and "don't" items, and dispose of the unwanted items)

2.SEITON (The items to be placed in flower, and neatly placed, express identification)

3.SEISOU (Clean the workplace, eliminate dirt, keep it clean and bright, and prevent the occurrence of pollution, eliminate the source of dirt))

4.SEIKETU (No defects, maintain the above finishing, rectification, cleaning good results, and the formation of institutionalization, standardization)

5.SHITUKE (The above 4S standardization, everyone in accordance with the regulations, to develop good working habits)

6.SAFETY (In the production process, the safety of personnel, equipment and facilities must be ensured)


These six are just a small part of what we have shown, and we will show you our factory slowly in the future.


Workshop leaders, team leaders take the lead in self-discipline, safeguard the interests of the enterprise and employees from beginning to end, and effectively carry out 5S management of the workshop. Constantly improve the quality of each employee, eliminate or reduce the occurrence of problems and defects, prevent mistakes, so that Heze Huasheng will be better and better.