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The shutter is still cloth art curtain, see you understand!

The curtain is a modern household decorates the indispensable household goods, also is soft outfit collocation can reflect master grade of an object. Now the kind of curtain also emerges endlessly, more and more. A lot of babies also often ask, the window of the home is hung cloth art curtain is good or the shutter is good? Let's look at it together.
The price of shutters is economical and affordable, it belongs to a relatively simple occlusion adornment way, and its shading effect is adjustable. If there is a problem in the local 100 blade, it can be repaired or replaced locally, and it is more suitable for the simple and generous modern style. The disadvantage is that there is a gap in the middle of the shutter, the occlusion function is inferior to cloth art curtain, also can not have the effect that keeps warm, sound insulation. On top of that, it is easy to collect dust on the hundred leaves, which can only last for three or four years.

Cloth art curtain price is relatively expensive some, but the shade effect of cloth art curtain is fixed, can make very good shade, warm, sound insulation, adornment effect. Cloth art curtain suits all sorts of household style, the trial range is wider, the service life is also long, it is the home choice. At present cloth art curtain commonly is to use a layer of white gauze, inside choose and the flower color that the house integral style photograph suits, this way not only can better shade, still very beautiful.