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The shutter in the bedroom is clever use

The advantage of shutter is to adjust the Angle of window leaf to adjust indoor light, good shutter is practical and beautiful, save the expenditure of curtain. 

The agile foliaceous shop flag, not only retractile, still can use optionally as the change of illumination Angle, held off the strong light of direct illuminate already, also can withhold other position transmission to come over to the light. When not in use, only a gentle pull can be hidden in the top of the dark slot, do not occupy the place, also won't be placed in the dust for a long time. 

The living room of the home often installs the air conditioning machine, how to let the air conditioning become a part of indoor harmony, it is the actual problem that many people meet in decorating. This kind of practice is to do a niche for air conditioning, outsidemount shutters, when used to open the shutter, to shutter when not in use, so that air conditioning completely become a part of the home.