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Wood blinds are insulated and hidden

Wood blinds(Wooden blinds supplier china) compared with the general curtains, both concealment and lighting,ventilation, and wood thickness and texture, more effective in blocking heat radiation, reduce indoor temperature, and less likely to accumulate dust, suitable for home allergy.

Practical and beautiful

Wood blinds(Custom color Wooden Shutter supplier) are fixed inside the frame with the frame on the wall, unlike cloth curtains, not because of the wind and fluttering, and the wooden blinds closed, can
block the outside sight, but can also adjust the blade Angle, guide the sun and air into the house.Wood blinds from Europe and the United States, and more directly
installed in the outdoor wall, but if the place to live rainy, it is recommended to install a canopy or aluminum windows and doors outside the rain, the wood veneer installed in the house, life expectancy can be maintained 10 to 20 years old.

Suitable for indoor and dust accumulation

Wood veneer leaves and more from basswood, phoenix and pine wood. These are cork, in addition to light texture, not easy to crush the window frame structure, the density is not as strong as teak, but to avoid thermal expansion and contraction caused by laceration. The edge of the blade with gentle arc lines, different from the sharp edge of the aluminum louver, the light through the leaves, the refraction path will spread and more gentle.
After treatment of wood chips, the outer layer of paint will be anti-UV green paint, weekdays only need to use a dry cloth, unlike cloth curtains easily accumulate dust.

Wood blinds(Wooden blinds supplier) need to avoid directly hit the rain, or come into contact with acidic substances, so another introduction of "steel" material, shape and wood veneer, the difference is that only the white option, but do not have to worry about water splashed or humid, to adapt to the bathroom environment, The same size of the cost of wood veneer cheaper than 5%.