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How to select aluminum alloy security window

  • Release on:2017-11-16
Aluminium alloy window considerations of choose and buy one, pay attention to the alarm on the material of steel wire, stainless steel wire quality is in conformity with the international standard 304 guaranteed, passed the domestic and international of detection, overall quality is higher.

Aluminium alloy window considerations of choose and buy two, need to pay attention to the nylon coated wire outside, should as far as possible choose colorless transparent coated, or coated is likely to be processed by waste, not only in appearance, feel is bad, is prone to aging, decay, falls off phenomenon.

It is better to choose a conductive wire with double layer isolation, so that the transmission speed of alarm signal can be faster, and the owner can be notified more quickly to reduce the financial loss. And since such a wire is generally made of copper, it has a stronger hardness, but its extension ability is weaker. Generally speaking, as long as you notice these three points, you will be able to choose a good alarm when you buy.