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Sun protection without blinds


The blue sky and sunshine in summer is very beautiful. When you are in the office or at home, you will not see these beautiful scenery. In order for the heat to stay outside, many people installed blinds to block sight. But now this situation may soon become a thing of the past.

EPFL developers are working with Empa to create a glass window. Such windows can block heat in summer and clearly see the outside world.

Windows are the most persistent furniture. They must be able to adapt to seasonal changes. In summer, windows should block high heat and prevent strong sunlight from feeling uncomfortable. And in winter, windows need more sunlight to enter the room. A window from EPFL solar and building physics laboratory has recently developed a window to meet all these requirements

If such windows were invented, blinds would become redundant. Seasonal window glass can reduce summer overheating and glare in buildings and ensure high solar and solar input in winter. And these functions do not affect the view of the window.

This glass can reduce energy consumption of heating or air conditioning by 10% to 20%.And compared to shutters, the biggest advantage of this glass is that it can let the light shine freely in the whole room. Even the glass can change the angle of refraction of light, enabling some corners of the office or home to be exposed to sunlight.

But the price of this glass window will not be low. For shutters with mature markets, it should not be a big threat for the time being.

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