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Are PVC Blinds Dangerous?

PVC (also known as PVC or ethylene) blinds is a very common window. It is made up of vertical or horizontal slats strung together by string and installed on the top of the windows of families and enterprises. It costs less than the solid wood blinds and can be bought in all shopping stores. PVC blinds are usually cheaper than curtains. They are often installed in new homes as part of interior decoration. However, consumer concerns over the safety of PVC blinds have triggered government investigations.

First of all, you need to know what PVC is. PVC is a synthetic plastic product consisting of a variety of toxic chemicals. PVC is the most common material for plastic products, such as bottles, toys, food packaging, bathroom curtains, and shutters and other home products, as well as building materials for various pipes and exterior walls. According to statistics, PVC is one of the most used plastics in the world.

Because the world's PVC blinds manufacturers are hindering from consumers and environmental organizations and the pressure of public opinion is growing, Vinyl shutters supplier china want to find alternatives to PVC blinds in time, otherwise they will be in danger of failing. As a result, more and more Venetian blinds(High quality Timber venetian blinds) have started using natural fiber blinds, such as bamboo or other wood. Their price will not be much higher than that of PVC material, but the materials are all natural and environmental friendly, without any toxic substances.

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