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It is time to update your window treatments

You may not always change your curtains, but once you hear the trend of curtains and curtains around the world, you may decide now to be the best time to update.


Gems hue.How to choose the color of the curtains. Jewelry has gorgeous colors, which add to the charm of the room. Ruby or sapphire curtains look luxurious on the pale grey walls, Amethyst and amber are popular on cream and cream colored walls. Therefore, the choice of colors for curtains or drapes is also very important.

If a room has a high ceiling, or the top of the room has a beam, or the window is arched, and so on some special structures, these special structures can be the focus of the design. In the choice of color, neutral tone is used as background. But you can't use white or rice white, you can consider charcoal, stone color or grayish brown.

The pattern of the curtain can be selected. Geometric curtains are very noticeable, but they must be properly matched. You can choose a printing with a variety of colors and make sure that at least one of the key colors is neutral, so it doesn't look too fancy.


The most important role of the sun shading industry is the shutters. The shutters usually use wood PVC and aluminum alloy three materials, and the general household blinds are selected wood. The most environmentally-friendly materials and the color of freedom are the biggest advantages of shutters.

If someone in your family likes sparkling things, install a pink or purple curtain in their bedroom and use a transparent flash fabric. This looks very fashionable, but it is important not to use too many colors.

Adding a patterned filter pad to the shading can make the shadow a beautiful landscape.

Automation. Forget to manually open and close the shadow. O'Dwyer says it is becoming more and more popular to plug wires into household appliances. To activate, all you need is a remote or intelligent device. "Your favorite settings can be programmed to open the shadow in the morning, stop the harsh afternoon sun and shut down in the evening," she said. "If you have any windows that can't be touched, they are very convenient."

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