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Rope blinds are about to disappear

Since the use of shutters, safety problems have never been satisfiedly resolved. A child injury accident occurs because blinds will always occur.

According to the US data survey, nearly 17000 children were injured by blinds from 1990 to 2015. Although most of the injuries were mild, nearly 300 people died. Most of the deaths were caused by children entangled in the neck of the rope and eventually died.So the main culprit is the blinds or curtains.

Although many manufacturers of blinds have attaching general warning labels at the time of product packaging, these casualties have not disappeared. Now the industry has begun to work out a plan to no longer produce rope louvers, so that cordless louvers will be the only choice for retail stores and online stores.

This data research makes all louver retailers, manufacturers and blinds users really understand the dangers of Venetian blinds. Linda Kaiser, in Saint Louis, says.

The first author, Dr. Gary Smith, said that although the research data analysis did not show a trend to increase or decrease injury and death, the fact that they were still happening showed that the safety standards were inadequate, and he directed the Nationwide Children's hospital in Columbo, Ohio.

The curtain Manufacturer Association says consumers can still customize the shutters, but in the future, the consumer product safety committee will put forward an industry standard, which provides that both retail and online stores are unable to buy wired blinds or curtains.
The Safety Council also said windows and shutters are among the five hidden dangers of American families.

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