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How to choose the blind window

One, pay attention to specifications. The length must be equal to that of the window and the width must be one centimeter smaller than that of the window. The length of the blinds (that is, the window blinds hanging on the window) must be about 10 cm longer than the window and is about 5 centimeters wide on both sides of the window. In general, the small space applies to the dark clothing of the blinds, a large space that applies to the blinds of the blinds. 
Two, choose a shutter shutter that can best be coordinated with the color of the furniture and the wall of the room. If the wall is milky yellow or white, the color of the ivory color can be adjusted. The walls are light green, with gray or green blinds. Brownish red furniture, can choose a pink or champagne-colored shutter. In this way the cool and warm tone can be adjusted to each other, making the bedroom look refined and not worn. 
Third, the design of the blind design is also very exquisite. The shutter that decorates a sitting room to use, should choose with the waterfall landscape pattern, make a person look like itself in the poetic scene. Decorate the bedroom, choose the plant of the plant of the plant that is soft, elegant design, still life is drawn or geometric pattern is drawn, to show a harmonious and sweet family atmosphere. 
Four, the Windows of different sizes must be selected with different blinds. If the general vertical window is, you can choose to fit the general hundred-leaf curtain; If the window is of the horizontal type, 100 leaves can be used perpendicular to the shadow, such an encounter seems harmonious, consistent and beautiful, both inside and outside.