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Where is the shutters suitable for installation

1. Study Room:
House price is so expensive, the study is often not too big. We can use the stereo feeling of the shutter, enlarge the space sense of the study. If the entire wall covered with shutter: no matter your window is big is small, the window of a whole wall is covered with shutter, it looks like covered with wood planks on the wall, can make your room is so modern.

2. Balcony:
People live in a typically have a balcony, people can install shutters on the balcony, when it's sunny, people can adjust the inclination of the shutters, allowing more sunlight to the balcony, room; When it rains, people will be able to close the shutters, which is equal to one more space. In addition, installing shutter on the balcony is also a beautiful design, let people have a beautiful balcony.
3. Bedroom:
The bedroom is resting place, want to assure comfortable temperature and illumination intensity. The shutters are widely used, have superior shading and shading and can adjust the light according to need. So, in the bedroom very suitable to choose shutter. The current relatively popular in the market and more shutters to bamboo, wood, glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy pills plasticizing and flax pills, and other materials, you can choose according to oneself be fond of of different material as bedroom shutter curtain. Generally speaking, the small room is applicable to the dark clothes of the Venetian blinds, large room applicable to the blinds of the Venetian blinds. 

4. Living room:
We often like reading books and watching TV in our living room sofa. We choose the best place to relax, the sitting room is home living room installed shutter, can according to let us according to individual needs, adjust the Angle of the shutters, let more sunshine in the body. At the same time, the living room installs the shutters will be better than the window air permeability, timely close the window also won't feel frowsty.
5. Kitchen: 
The window of the kitchen chooses cloth art curtain, that is to be stained with oil dirt not easy to clean up. So shutter seems to be our first choice, the kitchen often gathered steam, if the water vapor is stay for a long time on the wooden shutters, will not only signs of mildew, also after the sunlight insolation good cracking deformation, even decay, and so we usually use aluminum shutters come deck.