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The beauty of the shutters, thou shalt not know!

Horizontal shutters adjust the blinds of the blinds by rotating rods to adjust the light in the interior, and the pulling rope can adjust the lifting and adjusting position of the shutter. The shutters have a simple appearance, easy installation and disassembly. The sun shade is good, and some products can protect the uv light. Applicable to: sitting room, study, balcony and so on.

Fold the shutter only need pull lift pull rope, can make the curtain stay at any height. It has a better lighting effect, usually aluminum or PVC. Applicable to: toilet, kitchen, the balcony is waterproof and the texture is lighter.

The curtain according to different fabric characteristics, can be divided into the shade of the curtain, the shade, the lighting curtain, by choosing the fabric to meet the need of the light. According to the operation mode can be divided into: zipper rolling screen, stretch roller and electric rolling screen. Applicable to: study, bedroom.

The curtain of vertical louver curtain is perpendicular, smooth, the interval is even, the line is neat and bright, the adornment effect is very good, the characteristic that cloth vertical shade has moistureproof, waterproof, anticorrosive. Applicable to: living room.