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The Venetian blinds are the real wonder of the family

1. The selection of shutter curtains is best coordinated with the color of the room furniture and walls. If the wall is milky yellow or white, can match ivory color shutter. The walls are light green, with grey or green Venetian blinds. Brownish red furniture, can choose pink or champagne color shutter. In this way, the cool and warm tone attune to each other, can make the bedroom appears refined and not to be worn.
 2. The design of the blind curtains is also very elegant. The shutter that decorates a sitting room to use, should choose with the waterfall landscape pattern, can make a person is like place oneself in the poetic scene. Decorate the bedroom, can choose the plant of the plant of the plant that is gentle, design elegant, still life is drawn or geometrical pattern is drawn, in order to show harmonious and sweet family atmosphere.

3. It is also worth noting that different window screens should be fitted with different shutter curtains. If be general vertical window, can choose to match general hundred leaf curtain; If be horizontal type window, can use 100 leaves perpendicular shade, such meeting appears tie-in harmonious, inside and outside consistent, beautiful and decent.