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Zinc steel shutter profile characteristics

1, zinc steel shutter profile surface with 60-80 - mm / ㎡, zinc content in the room temperature can keep 3-5 years of superior rust resistance. Good flexibility, resistant to a certain impact, good protection. 
2, imitation enamel electrophoresis and electrostatic spraying process, the substrate surface to form a permanent coating, dozens of times of anticorrosion ability, no matter in what kind of environment, there will be no rust, fade, pulverization, crack, fall off, and with a self-cleaning. 
3, surface coating and naked together, guarantee 20 years without any loss, have its unique naked material pretreatment process, the use of acid free polymer solvent was carried out on the bare wood processing for many times, the surface coating closely bonded with bare wood, the use of more than 20 years, the product is still bright and clean as new, without any loss. 
4. Zinc steel louver profile is outstanding, the color is bright and rich, the assembly without welding, environmental protection is good.