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How to increase the bedroom space -- the shutters

  • Release on :2017-12-01
Two rooms turn into three rooms which are mostly rigid, with small housing area and lack of use, for example,an elderly couple needs an independent study room, perhaps three generations of the family demand a bedroom etc.The wooden shutters (Cut-downReal wood blinds wholesales) also belong to the unreasonable space layout of the original house, which can not meet the needs of the owners. The demand for space is reclassified and applied. The shutters can not only adjust the light in the room, but also increase the room space, making the home life a kind of enjoyment.The shutters can not only adjust the light in the room, but also increase the room space, making the home life a kind of enjoyment.

To complete the change by two three bedroom, living room and dining area required, wood shutters (Real wood blinds manufacturer china) may be able to separate the space, designers feel focuses on the application and re separation of housing space. At this point, the demand designer can fully excavate the space that can be applied, such as balcony, aisle and other status, and borrow less effective furniture, such as folding table, terrace and so on to increase housing storage efficiency, and save and create space as much as possible. Through professional design, the shutters meet the needs of consumers, increase the indoor space by professional way, increase the effect of home, and make you happy.

In isolation, the most important way is partition or soft loading, such as bead curtain, display rack, bookcase, screen and so on. This way can ensure that all space separated and not stop housing lighting, ventilation and other functions will not be affected too much; and soft partition way more flexible, for example with blinds, screens for partition, can make the vibration of the space becomes larger or smaller according to the demand of three days to a maximum limit; with the housing space, such as the way to do the rooms and storage space for students to.