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Haze Huasheng Wooden Co. Ltd. Attends R+T Stuttgart Show 2018

Haze Huasheng Wooden Co. Ltd will be attending the leading trade fair in the world, R+T Stuttgart Show 2018 under booth number Hall C2 2D42. The said event is widely recognized as one of the top shows for doors, gates, shutters, rollers, sun protection systems and more. Haze Huasheng Wooden Co. Ltd will take part on this event and the company takes pride in showcasing their exclusive products including wooden shutter,wooden blinds. PVC blinds and shutters, shutter components and wooden sluts.

The company will also take the opportunity to join this event to also showcase their newest products including motorized shutters, wooden blinds and hidden tilt rod in stile and new design samples for customers’ showroom. Haze Huasheng Wooden Co. Ltd are proud to be part of this show for there are numerous companies that also join this show and presets their innovative solutions for central these in R+T sector.

During this event, the company can expect for great opportunities to exchange opinions and ideas with colleagues. The event has also become an ideal platform for better and more intensive specialists’ discussions. There are also special forums as well as network events ensuring that contacts are made and participants are provided with information and ideas that they need to benefit their companies or businesses. The R+T Stuttgart Show 2018 that will be attended by Haze Huasheng Wooden Co. Ltd indeed provide an excellent platform for innovation.

Aside from visiting booths, the R+T Stuttgart Show 2018 also provide amazing opportunity for individuals to expand their expertise and knowledge based on their particular interests. But for those looking for impressive presentation of innovative services and products, Haze Huasheng Wooden Co. Ltd’s booth is the best place to be. The company sincerely invites everyone and be ready for such a great and beneficial buying experience. They will be able to take a closer look on the best and newest products like motorized shutters, wooden blinds and hidden tilt rod in stile and more that the company has to offer.
Haze Huasheng Wooden Co. Ltd was originally founded in 2002 and is situated in Zhuangzhai Town, Heze City, Shandong Province China. For more than 30 years, the company has been delivering top quality products like wooden shutters, blinds and many other products.

For more information,visit http://www.shutter-suppliers.com/.For inquiries and further assistance, contact Linda Wu at linda@huashengindustry.com

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