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The application of blinds in open kitchen


The open kitchen is free and uninhibited and beautiful, such features are recognized by many young consumers. But the endless stream of lampblack has become the "heart disease" of the open kitchen master. The lampblack that does not walk not only harmful to the health, also let the beauty of the whole ambry of the home is damaged. How to obstruct open kitchen lampblack, let ambry get protect? Make up for everyone.
Method 1: glass wall is both transparent and smoke.

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Many people want the kitchen to have open function, want to be separated from lampblack, the best use glass wall to deal with. This is both transparent and obstructive, still very soundproof, the noise outside the kitchen can not hear at all.
The most important thing of glass wall is to find the frame of glazing, the market is stainless steel now, wood, price difference is bigger. If use sliding door form, still have fixed slippery course, hang rail to wait for a variety of choice, if the hardware of sliding door is not good, time is long push-pull device is easy to damage. Use common hinge door, just rely on the bite force of hinge also can't bear the test of time, can consider to use ground spring, the door is in both inside and outside, can open and close freely.
Small make up remind: the shortage of the glass is not like a light body wall hanging something on it, just do partition (partition decoration rendering) and decorative, but on the transparent feeling is much better than the light body wall. But the glass needs to be cleaned frequently, otherwise the oil smoke is bigger, the time is long accumulated in a bad cleaning. If the area of the glass wall is too large, the cleaning will be more troublesome.

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Method two: partial open and appropriate occlusion.
Someone don't want to put the kitchen all closed up, want to make it in the form of half partition, but in other areas of the kitchen and half partition, useful stage partition, useful glass, stainless steel, curtain and so on all kinds of material for partition. But this kind of semi-partition method does not have too much effect on the lampblack, the lampblack will not be blocked because of partial partition.
Made local open, if the kitchen is only a window size of the location and restaurants are interlinked, the lampblack is better handling, cooking can be used as a cover glass, curtain, or other things, such as finished cooking soot discharge clean again take damper, is also a kind of method.
An editor's note: for a semi-open kitchen, if the kitchen is southeast or southwest, the smell of oil is easily blown back into the house. The kitchen to the west, the food is not easy to store, suggest the window to use the shutters, the refrigerator does not rely on the wall that the sunlight illuminate.

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