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Several common problems of blinds

Question: what is the principle that a blinds can be fixed to a certain position freely? That is to say, when the blinds are pulled up, they can stop at any place at any time. What's the matter?

Answer: there is a small rope wheel, when we put up the blinds when the ferry will be automatically separated to a certain position, slightly pull to the left or the right diagonal point then loosen the rope, then stretch will automatically drive ferry to in situ stuck pull rope, the shutters will not fall down.

Question:the blinds are broken and can only pull up and down, not smooth, pull up and do not hold, and can not adjust the light.

Answer:the pull up can not be fixed because the eccentric wheel enters the dust or is bad. The reason for the loss of the plastic rod on your left is that you can't adjust the light.

Question:why can't be fixed when the blinds are pulled up?

Answer:after pulling up, pull up the top of the rope and hold it in two or three seconds, so it can be fixed. The shutters have a buckle, pull and pull in one direction, and release them in the opposite direction when the hand is loosened.