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Several questions to be paid attention to in the planning and installation of the shutters

  • Release on:2018-01-26
There are many styles of shutters. When selecting materials, we should pay attention to selecting light and high-strength materials, such as aluminum and plastic products. Their colors should be in harmony with the hue of buildings.

1.When planning the external wall shutterrs, if it's the outlet of the air conditioner, we must decide the size of the window, the size of the blades and the distance between the slices and the slices according to the size of the air conditioning power, otherwise it will lead to poor ventilation.

2.The purpose of planning external wall shutters is to ventilate and exhaust, prevent rainwater, and make scientific and rational shape of the blades, so that rainwater is not easy to enter the louvers under normal circumstances.

3.The condensate system of blower in the shutters should plan the water system, and the condensate can not be flooded, which will affect the appearance effect.

4. The device of the shutter and the fixed method are beautiful, flat and safe and strong, otherwise it will affect the development of its function.

The shutters, this is a decoration of commercial old, how to make it play a greater effect in modern decoration, the author of this is just a start the discussion, it needs many a person with breadth of vision in practice constantly perfect, let the old goods continuously from a Bo youth, make greater contribution for the beautification of the urban and rural people.