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Why wood shutter?


The shutter is suitable for range: it replaces the traditional curtain cloth, can be made according to the actual requirement of the client room: floor window, flat open window, curved window or sliding door and so on various forms. And the leaf itself can be made flexibly, install in any part of the room, it is convenient and agile.

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The health idea of shutters: indoor environment has the harmful element that endangers human health, maintain good ventilated and ventilated environment, it is the most effective way to clear indoor pollution. Real wood shutter shading and ventilation function of synchronization, the curtain of traditional block ultraviolet light efficiency is 60% ~ 80%, the real wood shutter blocking efficiency for more than 95%, white blade effect is better.

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The value idea of shutters: choose high quality wood to make, its natural wood grain has affinity, contain warmth romance, make public life force, realize and natural harmony and unity. Real wood shutter has long service life, after the baptism of the years, through the coating color can repair the old as new, though a one-time investment, but relative to 3 ~ 5 years must be replaced the ordinary curtain is the consumer choice of material value, is the ideal choice of modern in the door, make living environment more show nobility and harmony.

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