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What are the functions of the shutters in the actual use?

When we live in the city, we have to do our homework, and we have to breathe oxygen and form carbon dioxide. People usually breathe 20 cubic meters of fresh air per hour, and if there are incineration utensils, more fresh air is needed. In addition, indoor air has a variety of dust and bacteria, and it also needs to be replaced with fresh air. On the wall is a fan, hidden behind the shutters, can adhere to the beautiful appearance, and can keep the indoor fresh air input. Doing well in air exchange has the following advantages:

Deodorant:we have talked about in front of, have good ventilation fan function, through the ventilation can remove odor, create a comfortable environment. Because the indoor smoke taste, the human body odor and other gas smell and so on, so that the air is often mixed with all kinds of strange, but long live the environment people often don't notice it, and people don't know from the same body odor, which is why people's sense of smell is very simple and habits a smell of hemp wood. The taste of wine, spices, household coatings and so on is often ignored by their family members, while the foreign guests are quite sensitive. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the ventilation and Qigong in the living room, and the blinds can deal with the problem that the walls are not beautiful due to ventilation and ventilation.

Dust removal: strengthening ventilation and cleaning dust in the room, and cleaning indoors, this is good for people's health. Because dust in the air often has many pathogens, and timely ventilation can reduce the pathogens in the air.

Conditioning temperature difference:after air change, it can better adjust the temperature difference in the room table, the reason is clear and clear, this can improve the comfort of the room.