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Plantation shutter china, Painting PVC shutter componentsPlantation shutter china, Painting PVC shutter components

Plantation shutter china, Painting PVC shutter components

  • 1. Materail: PVC
  • 2. Louver Size: 50mm 63 mm/76 mm/89 mm 114 mm
  • 3. Stile: Square ladder, astragalus step and Rebeat ladder
  • 4. Frame: L frame, z frame, decorative frame
  • 5. Length: 3810mm (5ft)
  • 6. Color: 4 standard color or custom color
  • 7. Paint: Water Paint
Product Details
1. Material: PVC
2. Shutter size: 50mm 63 mm/76 mm/89 mm 114 mm
3. Framework: L-Frame, z-frame, decorative frame
4. Ladder: Square ladder, Rebeat ladder or Huangqi ladder
5. Length: 3810mm (5ft)
6. Color: 4 standard color and custom color
7. Paint: Water Paint
8. Film Protection
9. Packaging: Foam and carton
Suppliers:Plantation shutter china, oem Poplar wood shutter components, Wood grain Aluminum shutter components
Production Technology: Manufacturing-sanding-paint-film-packaging

Packaging $xmlesc;
A.Wrapping Boxes and Trays
one panel shutter
one panel shutter

B.Carton packaging, directly loaded into the container
shutters with more than two panels
The following two modes of transport
A. LCL, protect cargo with plywood, and work for air cargo B. Full container
Package Package
Service: 3 Years Quality Assurance

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Quality Policy:
Huasheng people continue to pursue the quality-oriented, high-quality products and quality after-sales service to provide quality services to customers.
Business philosophy:
Strengthens the quality management, creates the famous brand, satisfies the customer satisfaction, reduces the production cost, enhances the enterprise development benefit.
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Responsible for quality, we always pursue and achieve selfless dedication to meet customer satisfaction, keep the promise.

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ShanWhy Choose us?
1. not limited $xmlesc; recycled raw materials
Paulownia is one of the fastest growing species in the world and can grow at a rate of more than seven feet per year for seedlings, but highly appreciated and cultivated in Asia, so Paulownia is unrestricted and recycled raw materials, and we have got FSC certified Paulownia.
2. Competitive. Price $xmlesc;
Each month we have not less than 10,000 cubic meters of warehousing, and then we can promise to load time and support competitive prices.
3. QC.
More than 20 QC inspectors have to control quality at every step.
4. Mixing containers with shutters and shutters of different materials
We produce shutters and shutters with different materials. Used for blinds, with paulownia wood/wood pvc shutters and shutters assemblies, wooden curtains, including wood and paulownia wood shutters, and shutters assemblies. You can save your costs by shutters and shutters in a container, or by completing shutter and shutter components in a container.
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