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Shutters give you a free space

Shutters(Custom made Plantation shutter) are a style of windows, originated in China. In ancient Chinese architecture, there are straight windows, which have been applied from the Warring States period to the dynasties of the Han Dynasty. The straight, straight window, and the horizontal bar, called the sleeper window. A squat window is an original pattern of shutters, it can also be said that it is the original state of the shutters. Among the renovation projects undertaken by the Suzhou Renovation Company, the application of shutters in offices, hotels, etc. is more common!

Shutters Introduction

Until the Tang Dynasty, the people were all represented by straightforward windows. By the Ming dynasty, the squat window had a great development. In the Song Dynasty brick tower made a variety of various types of straight window, in the Ming Dynasty bricks also do horizontal curtain windows, examples are particularly large, that is, the shutters of the predecessor. Shutters(Plantation shutter china) have undergone various improvements and have been integrated into a wide range of functions for a variety of buildings.

But the modern shutters were invented by Americans. They were called John Hampson and obtained the invention patent on August 21, 1841. Shutters, with shuttered windows. Different from Venetian blinds. Venetian blinds resemble curtains and have small blades that can be folded and are common on our television or everyday. Shutters are generally relatively wide and are generally used for indoor and outdoor shade and ventilation. Now more and more people agree that the shutter curtain wall is also evolved from the blinds. Blind curtain wall has many advantages and is very beautiful. It is generally used in high-rise buildings.

Shutters function

1. Beautiful and energy-saving, simple and neat. The shutters can be completely retracted. The scenery outside the window can be seen at a glance. The windows are simple and generous. The curtains occupy part of the space of the windows, making the width of the visual window of the house affected, making it seem tedious.

2. Simple and free angle adjustment, control the incident light, adjust the blade angle to control the incident light, you can adjust the blade to the most suitable position. The

3. Protect privacy

The shutters(Outdoor Aluminum shutter manufacturer) obstruct the outside world with the concave and convex directions of the blades. At the same time, the skylights from the top to the bottom are blocked. At night, if the convexity of the blades faces the room, the shadows will not be reflected outdoors.

4. Effectively block the injection of ultraviolet rays, protect the furniture from the effects of ultraviolet rays and fade. Blinds Compared to curtains, the blinds that can be flexibly adjusted have the function of lack of curtains. In terms of shading, in addition to blocking UV radiation, shutters can also regulate indoor light; in addition, when the blinds are completely closed, there is just one more window, which can provide sound insulation and heat insulation.

Shutters use

Modern people advocate healthy and comfortable life. Wood has an unparalleled natural beauty in all of the finishing materials. A simple piece of wood reminds urban dwellers deep in the concrete jungle to think of verdant trees and tree-lined trees. It is as if a dragonfly is plunging into the heart with the fresh oxygen flowing from the tip of the green leaves. For the natural beauty of wood, people now want to have it, especially in today's green and healthy. Office as the most secretive and relaxing place, people want to decorate it more comfortable. With the help of wood, elegant expression is easily revealed naturally. The handsome and charming hardwood doors and windows are often impressive and impressive. Wood is a superior material, both visually and tactilely. Its clear and deep lines will immediately attract attention, so that people can not help but want to touch the wood texture. Solid wood shutters make the office look elegant and elegant.

Shutter picking

For the selection of shutters, first observe colors, leaves, and all accessories including wire racks, adjustment rods, pull wires, and gadgets on the adjustment sticks, etc., to maintain the same color. Followed by checking the finish, feel the smoothness of the blade and the wire frame by hand, and the product with good quality is smooth and flat, without the feeling of stinging hands. Finally, the automatic locking function is tested. When the blades are all closed, pull the wire to roll up the blades. Pull the cable to the right at this time, the blade should be automatically locked to maintain the corresponding rolled up state, neither continue to roll, nor loose. Otherwise, there is a problem with the locking function.