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How do you mix the blinds?

The selection of blinds (oem Horizontal wooden blinds) is best suited to the color of the furniture and walls of the room. If the walls are milky yellow or white, they can be painted with ivory blinds. The walls are light green and can be painted with grey or Green Venetian blinds. Brownish red furniture with pink or champagne Venetian blinds. In this way, warm and cold colors to coordinate with each other, can make the room look elegant and conform to no conventional pattern.

The design of blinds (Wood ventian blinds supplier china) is also very exquisite. Blind layout of the living room use, should be chosen with the waterfall landscape pattern, can make people like staying in the poetic surroundings. Decorate the bedroom, generally optional soft color, elegant patterns of plant paintings, still life paintings or geometric patterns, paintings, etc., to show a harmonious and warm family atmosphere.

It is also worth noting that different shades of blinds should be available in different formats. If the window is vertical blinds (oem selling Wooden blinds in china) in general, general is optional; if the window shutter can be used, it would be a harmonious collocation, and consistent, beautiful and decent.