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Are there any kinds of aluminium alloy shutters?

The curtains are very common in our life, and the curtains help to our lives is very large, and the curtains of the categories is very much, the most common curtain of the shutter is in our life. Aluminum alloy shutter (Outdoor Aluminum shutter supplier china) in modern home decoration by more and more people's favorite, it is used as a shutter, beautiful appearance. 

The single regulation Aluminum Alloy blinds: single regulation Aluminum Alloy shutter (Plantation shutter china) is mainly used to environment lighting, heat, wind and rain without air conditioning occasions, it can be widely used for room, office buildings or other relevant occasions, it is regulated by the blade and the side frame of the streamlined composition, it is provided with protective net cover inside, there is a screen, to make the room full of fresh air at the same time, there will be birds and insects or other light objects into the interior, give people a pleasant living environment and working environment. 

Double rainproof shutter controlling: the advantages of double rainproof shutter controlling not only has single rainproof shutters, and we can according to the temperature or the indoor ventilation needs to adjust the shutter opening, so that the indoor temperature is more suitable. Aluminum alloy shutter (Vinyl shutters supplier china), flexible adjustment, year-round operation without oiling, lubrication, no noise, good sealing performance.