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Home Furnishing decorative shutters magical

In home decoration, shutters are becoming more and more popular with consumers. In the minds of ordinary people, the only way to regulate the sunlight in the house is the curtain, which is not really the case. 

1, most people think the only way to adjust sunlight home is actually more than that, the curtains, blinds (oem Timber shutters in china) the advantage of regulating indoor can adjust the angle of window leaf light, good shutter both practical and beautiful, saves the expenditure of the curtain.

2, flexible leaf curtain, not only telescopic, but also can be used as the light angle changes selectively, the shutter (Wooden venetian blinds supplier) not only blocks the direct illumination of the glare, but also can retain the light transmitted by other positions. When not in use, only a slight pull can hide the top of the dark groove, do not occupy the place, and will not place dust for a long time.

3, Often the home living room is equipped with air conditioner, air conditioning to become a part of the interior harmony, is a practical problem will encounter a lot of people in the decoration. The practice is to make a niche for the air conditioner, with shutters outside, and open the blinds when it is used, closing the shutters (Wood ventian blinds supplier china) when not in use, so that the air conditioner becomes a part of the house.