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The shutters are getting more beautiful texture

The shutters to return to the Home Furnishing stage, in the material, style, pattern and other aspects play new tricks, greatly improving the shutter function and adaptability, and also better meet the needs of a variety of styles, the grade of the decoration of the curtain Home Furnishing. In the city's major curtain shop, you can see the figure of the shutter (Exterior Aluminum plantation shutter), a variety of materials to shutter shape and style more changeable. In addition to the traditional aluminum alloy, bamboo pieces, fabric materials have become a leader in the blinds family. 

The shutters Aluminum Alloy material is the most common, there are several light, matte and pinhole, different types of choice for consumers, now blinds (Outdoor Aluminum shutter manufacturer) this material in detail is also more humane, such as S type blade design, ensure the blade closes 100% opaque. 

Aluminum alloy shutter (Plantation shutter china) color and style is relatively simple, so the room style restrictions, but because of aluminum alloy itself easy to clean, the price is very moderate, so it is suitable for kitchen and bathroom. For the shutter of bamboo material, because of its own material, with a natural sense of cool and refreshing, it will make the space more fresh and natural. 

This type of window type shutter is abundant, modern and strong, use in the living room, bedroom, den or side windows are suitable. Is also the most popular one.