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The new darling of fashion home decoration --- solid wood shutter

Wood blinds (Paulownia wood blinds supplier china) from Europe and the United States in the city residential, villa, aristocratic family and other places are widely used to adjust the light, ventilation, sunshade, heat insulation, ventilation and other characteristics, and many other advantages to win our favor, it is Huludao designers favorite son. 

Wood shutters (Custom color Wooden Shutter in china) are widely used in the living room, balcony, bedroom, study room, dining room, recreation room, bathroom, closet door, closet door, cabinet door etc., which can replace the ordinary curtains, blinds, let you enjoy the light melody, feel the warmth of romantic life; and can be used as indoor partition, which keeps the master privacy, and play an important role in the decoration in the room. Can also be applied to hotels, clubs, clubs, high-grade office areas and other places, showing elegant, fashionable taste.

The shutter (oem selling Wooden blinds in china) can be fully retracted, the scenery outside the window at a glance, simple and elegant. The window curtains were to occupy part of the space window, making housing visual window width affected, appears to be very complicated. 

Warm in winter and cool in summer, the good thermal insulation material, effectively maintain the indoor temperature, achieve the purpose of saving energy. (Note: only a good brand reputation of the product to ensure this, beautiful appearance is not everything.)