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Wooden blinds supplier teach you the function and features of wooden blinds


Shutters are a family of new house drapery decoration, new buildings, the decoration will basically use. Modern people advocate healthy and comfortable life. Wood has an unparalleled natural beauty in all of the finishing materials. Unlike the curtain's soft texture, shutters are made of wood, glass, and aluminum alloy, which protects them from sunlight, wind and rain, dust, and is easy to clean.

The function of blinds: It can protect privacy, blocking the outside sightlines with the concave and convex direction of the blades, while blocking the external sight from top to bottom at night, the convexity of the leaves faces the room, the shadow will not be reflected the outside, but also clean. Rest assured, easy to clean, just wipe it with a rag. Neutral lotion should be used for cleaning, and there is no need to worry about discoloration or discoloration. Waterproof blinds can also be fully washed.

Shutter features:

(1)Adjust light and ventilation: At night, indoor light can be prevented from irradiating outside; in the winter, sunlight can be introduced to make the room bright and warm; in summer, ventilation can be ensured while blocking strong sunshine, and the air in the room can be refreshed and refreshed.

(2) Energy saving and temperature adjustment: In the winter, indoor warm air is prevented from flowing to the outside and the effect of air conditioning heating is improved. In the summer, direct sunlight is shielded and the cold air effect of the air conditioner is enhanced. The use of materials with good thermal insulation effectively maintains the indoor temperature and achieves the goal of energy conservation. (Note: Only a few brands with a good reputation can guarantee this. The beauty of appearance does not mean everything.)

(3) Soundproofing and anti-ultraviolet radiation: Blinds Compared with curtains, the blinds that can be flexibly adjusted have the function of lack of curtains. Compared with ordinary doors and windows, the sound insulation performance of shutter doors and windows increased by more than 70%, in the summer, it can block more than 95% of ultraviolet rays.

(4) Beautiful, concise and fashionable: Following centuries of home decoration styles in Europe and the United States, shutter doors and windows have unparalleled natural beauty

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