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Something you don't know about blinds by Wooden blinds supplier

Shutters are a kind of simple-to-use window type. Their appearance is simple and exquisite, they are versatile at home use, and they are inexpensive. It is a window suitable for mass consumption. Let's take a look at the purchase of shutters and their knowledge of cleaning and maintenance.

When choosing shutters, we can judge whether the quality of the products is good or bad according to whether the shutter blades are even and even; at the same time, you can turn the adjustment blade to open the blades. The good blinds should maintain a good level between the blades, and the blades should remain flat. Bending up and down. In addition, the adjustment bar is also a part of the shutter that needs to be examined. When checking the adjusting lever, first pull the blinds flat and pull to see whether the lifting switch is smooth and then turn the adjusting lever to see if the turning of the blades is also flexible.(Custom made Plantation shutter)

Judgement and choice of Product style

In addition to conventional shutters made of plastic, wood chips and aluminum alloys, blinds made of bamboo, mats or even woolen fabrics have also emerged. The Venetian blinds made of bamboo and straw mats are elegant in color and naturally have a cool feeling, which can lower the temperature of summer homes. It is also very much in harmony with Chinese traditional simple style home furnishings. The woolen fabric shutters are fashionable, and the silk fabrics of different colors enclose the blades of the shutters. Although the touch feels rough, they are integrated with the blinds, giving the space a pleasing sensation.

Blinds maintenance

Fabrics such as cloth and linen are easy to fade after exposure to the sun, but they do not affect the use. Usually, they are brushed with a cloth or brush. After several months, the curtains can be taken off and wiped with a damp cloth, or with a moderate detergent (such as detergent or Washing powder, etc.) Add water to scrub it. Some tracks are glued. Be careful not to let water in the track and shaft. Some tracks can be waterproof and you don't need to be careful about water.

Blinds cleaning

1. Blinds can usually be wiped with wet cotton cloth; thoroughly clean it once a month with detergent, and wipe with a little of the detergent one by one in a single direction; because of the material and the reasons for painting, blinds are easier to fade, and care must be taken not to expose the sun.

2. When the blinds are cleaned, close the windows first, spray a proper amount of clean water, and then wipe with a cotton cloth; if the curtains are dirty, use warm water to dissolve some of the detergent, wipe with a cotton cloth, and then dry it; you can also spray some wiping agent to make it Shutters keep smooth for a long time.

3, blinds after cleaning as far as possible not to dehydration, drying, and should be naturally dried, so as not to damage the texture; special material curtains, it is best to send dry cleaners to prevent deformation.

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