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Basswood furniture maintenance tips by wood blinds factory


Alder wood furniture is popular with consumers for its natural woody feel, but little is known about the maintenance of beech wood furniture and the maintenance of furniture is indispensable. The quality of furniture maintenance is directly related to the service life of the furniture. How should the furniture be maintained?

There are many ways to maintain the furniture of the beech wood. It is necessary to master the correct method to get good results. Good maintenance can make furniture longevity and save money for yourself. Let's share the maintenance methods of the furniture of the beech wood and understand various methods to properly maintain the furniture of our own home and create a high-quality home environment.

Alder furniture is generally poor in heat resistance, so keep it away from heat sources when using it. Under normal circumstances, try to avoid direct sunlight, because the strong ultraviolet rays will cause the paint surface of the beech wood furniture to fade; in addition, the heaters and lamps that emit strong heat will deform the beech wood furniture and should be kept away from it; Do not put hot cups, teapots, and other items directly on the beech wood furniture, otherwise you will burn the beechwood furniture.

The indoor humidity of the solid wood furniture must be slightly higher than its own moisture content, so consumers should understand the parameters of the water content of the solid wood furniture when purchasing furniture, and refer to the ambient humidity marked on the manual.

Although the wood furniture is durable, its paint surface is easily discolored. For this reason, the furniture must be often waxed. You can first wipe the furniture surface gently with a damp cloth and some neutral detergent. When wiping it, follow the texture of the wood. After cleaning, wipe it with a dry rag or sponge with professional wax. Waxing must be centered on the center, first and again in the middle. However, it is best not to wax too often.

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