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Paulownia wood furniture quality assessment by Wooden blinds supplier china

People know that the plane tree is tall and straight. The plane tree often associated with the Phoenix, because the Phoenix most likes to inhabit the plane trees and people can see the nobleness of the plane trees. There are also a lot of phoenix trees used to make furniture. What are the advantages and disadvantages of paulownia furniture?(Wooden blinds supplier china)

The quality of paulownia wood furniture

In general, the advantages of paulownia wood as a furniture material are lightweight, moisture absorption, good air permeability, non-deformation, high dimensional stability, and good color. And paulownia wood also has a very good symbolism, a symbol of wealth, and now paulownia wood is used to make some of the more upscale furniture.

The advantages

1, wear resistance

The paulownia wood has unique characteristics of rot and acid resistant, so it is not easy to wear, so the high quality wooden venetian blinds made of paulownia wood is very durable.

2, beautiful texture and bright color

Paulownia wood has a beautiful, delicate texture, and its natural pattern is very good. The appearance of the shutter is beautiful.

3, easy engraving and dyeing

Tongmu is not easy to split but soft wood, easy processing, easy carving, easy to dye. In the wardrobe, you can engrave a variety of patterns on its wood panels to increase its decorativeness.

4, Paulownia wood furniture is very light

Everyone knows that the paulownia is hollow in the middle, so it is very light and easy to move, and it feels different from ordinary solid wood furniture. But at the same time, this is also his shortcoming. There is no large sheet of paulownia wood, but it can only be a puzzle, and then put on the veneer or processed into a blackboard to make furniture. But using him to make small and medium-sized furniture is particularly convenient and practical.