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Beauty, starting from a window by Wooden venetian blinds supplier

Shutters are a style of windows, originated in China.(Heze Huasheng wooden Venetian blinds supplier)

In ancient Chinese architecture, there are straight windows, which have been applied from the Warring States period to the dynasties of the Han Dynasty. The vertical bar is called a straight window, and there is a horizontal bar, called a horizontal window. A squat window is an original pattern of shutters, it can also be said that it is the original state of the shutters.

In ancient times, people used wooden windows to use them to achieve ventilation and air circulation. Modern blinds have undergone various improvements and have been applied to various buildings.

Then why d
o we think of blinds at once, and the pastoral images of Western fairy tales appear in our minds?It turned out that modern blinds were invented by American John Hampson, and the image of European and American styles was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Shutters allow the room to achieve a good daylighting effect and good privacy.

Shutters are very retro feeling, suitable for a variety of decoration styles.

In addition to their appearance, the light and shadow effect produced by shutters is another beauty. Shutters make the interior to appear thousands of changes in light and shade.With the ever-changing natural light, light and shadow at home will present different and stunning results.

The light-colored Nordic style emphasizes the spaciousness of the interior space and the transparency of the inside and outside, maximizing the introduction of natural light. The fresh white shutters turn the purest light into innumerable shapes and enter the interior.

The quiet study room must not be too intense light, nor can the light be too dark. A retro shutter not only shows its style but also makes the interior light more artistic!

The sun gently through the blinds, refracted into the soft and moist light, clean lines, elegant style, such as a smooth staff, played a quiet, soothing music, enjoy the lazy, slow life of the show.

Shutters can also block out excess UV rays.

If you are still using ordinary windows, the blinds with many benefits must be worth you buying.Heze Huasheng Wooden Co., Ltd is professional Shutters and Blinds Manufacturer from China, and they have many kinds of ready made wooden blinds on sale.