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Have you ever seen these amazing blinds?

If you see this picture, do you think it must be seen on the rooftop of a tall building. The bustling of city is on the bottom of your eye.But what is it?

Actually, It is a shutter from Britain.There many family using this extremely beautiful shutter in Britain.

Blind is a style of windows. It originated in China. In China ancient buildings, the blinds originally called mullioned windows were used from the Warring States period to Han Dynasty dynasties.

During the Second World War, the shading shutters appeared and spread  in England. It can not only prevent light from escaping from windows into rooms, and also keep fresh air inflow.

In order to avoid the continuous threat of air attack, civilians in the war used these curtains. The war passed, but the curtains were still in use.

These curtains can protect people's privacy, so they are never out of date.

They can absorb 99% of the sun, which makes them a good tool for heatstroke. In winter, it also can keep warm in the room.