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A game of light and shade chasing in a Venetian building

"Our goal is to introduce the indoor soft sunlight, to face the street side of the direction for the west." As a result, designers will be facing the street side of the shutter(OEM Plantation shutter in china) covered with restrictions on the West into the interior of the sun, and the use of Southern lighting room. Such a design allows pedestrians to become indoor, outward looking landscape, together with the window of the sun also shed along the window, whether in the first floor or the two floor, enjoy such a unique sunshine warm. 

A coffee shop floor space in the concrete structure as the main body, the exposed gray cement surface, echo and temperature logs color decoration, and then matching metal chairs, let the space form is simple and neat and warm atmosphere. Skillfully let the light through the shutter (Wooden Shutters manufacturer china) become a shadow in the space, line decoration, stressed the coffee room to pick up the space, so that the whole room lit up. 

When sitting in a coffee shop, you can see the view of the outdoor street through the facade of the blinds (oem Timber shutters in china ), and you can feel the sunlight shining in the coffee shop. As time goes on, a game of light and shadow is played in this interior space. The fan angle of the shutter is controlled by the software developed by the researchers, and the software can intelligently control the amount and intensity of sunlight entering the room, so that the blinds can maintain the best angle for the user.