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Bedroom design cleverly with blinds collocation, more romantic and mysterious

  • Release on:2017-08-31
In the family decoration, curtain function is not only shading function, in addition to shading, ventilation, guarding the privacy of the room, it can also control indoor light and shade.

Simple interior decoration, medium-sized indoor window structure, you can choose the shutter, movable blade design, daylight let light spilled into the interior, one of the eyes as bright. Wood blinds (Real wood blinds manufacturer china) unlike traditional cloth curtains, it is used, do not need to open or close all windows all, with movable blade design, can fine tune the indoor light light; don't want to be disturbed when the outdoor light, the blade can be all closed, the shading effect is also very good. 

Minimalist bedroom style, full of white interior decoration, and then with coffee color blinds (Paulownia wood blinds supplier china), the room has a classic elegant 

Indoor style of rural pastoral, interior color is more biased blue line, with white screen door, more interior quiet. 

The use of log color blinds (High quality Timber Blinds supplier), sunlight through the curtain into the room, can create a warm interior space feeling. The outdoor sunlight is transparent, and the wooden shutters turn into the interior, showing more interior warmth, buying a curtain, and buying a unique interior lighting atmosphere.