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The aluminium shutter has obvious functions of shading and decoration

There are many kinds of curtains, according to the different living environment, the curtain style is different, today to share the aluminum shutters, in general the family rarely appear, but aluminum blinds effect can not be ignored, today to understand the effectiveness of the six aluminum shutter. The 6 major features of aluminium blinds (Exterior Aluminum plantation shutter):

1, flowers rich in color. The Venetian blinds of aluminium alloys are not as simple as everyone thinks, but only a few colors. In fact, aluminum alloy leaves can be printed, but also rich in color, gorgeous, flower style of many, for the living room window brings vitality.

2, the function is strong. The aluminum shutter (Outdoor Aluminum shutter supplier china) has good light screening, shading, heat insulation, sun shading, and good flexibility and UV blocking effect.

3, good resilience. Aluminum alloy shades of Venetian blinds are smooth, feel particularly good, but also has good resilience.

4, a wide range of applications. Aluminum alloy shutter (oem Polywood shutter in china) curtain is not only shade and shade is particularly good, it can also be adjusted in accordance with the needs of users, there is no light, you can control, so the scope of application is also relatively wide.

5, energy saving. Because the aluminum louver is using heat reflectivity of high aluminum blades, and the blades can reflects most of the sunlight and heat, so it can help to improve the effect of hot and cold summer air conditioning, indirectly, to achieve the purpose of saving energy.

6. No fading. No matter the top slot, the bottom slot and the installation code of the aluminum shutter, they are treated with different color paint coating, so it won't fade because of the long time sunlight.