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Venetian blinds are considered for their performance and beauty

Buy the shutters, first to carefully observe the shutter flatness and uniformity, the gap between the view of each blade is consistent, whether the view each blade smooth, gloss is consistent, whether there is fading, discoloration or clear color. The evenness of the blade at various angles can be observed by twisting the lever, and the convenience and smoothness of the lever are checked. 

Attention should also be paid to whether the color of the blinds (Wood blinds manufacturer china) is in harmony with the home environment. Designers recommend that if the walls for milk yellow or white, blinds can be collocation ivory; if the wall is light green, collocation blinds gray or green; if Home Furnishing dark, collocation blinds slightly brighter tone. Warm and cold colors scattered collocation, can make the room look elegant and conform to no conventional pattern. The design of the shutter is also very exquisite. The summer living room can choose the shutters with a waterfall landscape pattern, so that people like staying in nature; the bedroom, can choose the shutters with floral patterns, highlighting the harmonious and warm family atmosphere. 

In addition to coordinating with the home style, the purchase should take into account both space and function. Selection of blinds (Best Paulownia wood slats in china) should be selected according to the space, generally speaking, the kitchen, toilet and other space suitable for the use of dark blinds, and the living room, bedroom, study room is more suitable for the use of blind blinds (oem Horizontal wooden blinds) installed. At the same time, also should choose according to the function, if the shutter for windows or partition, recommend the use of folding blinds; if the small window used to decorate separated the room space, recommend the use of flat open shutters; if placed in the toilet for shading, can choose the push pull shutter.